Open-source holistic AI development tool

Arcode is a command-line tool designed to help facilitate holistic software development via LLM. It generates feature implementations for a given codebase based on user-defined requirements.

arcode demo

Build complete features on an existing codebase or from scratch

arcode demo
  • 🗂️ Work across multiple files

    Implement across multiple files across your codebase

  • 🔬 Local (focused) context

    Uses the most relevant bits of file(s) from your project

  • 🌐 Supports multiple providers

    Including OpenAI, Anthropic, Gemini, Azure, & AWS

  • 📷 Multimodal image support

    Provide requirements via image for frontend development

  • 💬 Followup conversation

    Make adjustments and fixes, keeping your context

Get Started

Follow these steps to install and start using arcode:

  1. Install (Mac OS)

    Ensure you have Homebrew installed and run:

    brew tap alexdredmon/arcode
    brew install arcode
  2. Get Started

    Run the following command to get started:

    arcode --help

    Start building a feature by passing in requirements:

    arcode "add a dark mode"


This project is open-source under the MIT License.

Fork the GitHub repo and open a pull request to contribute: